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K5, play the film in its entirety. I obviously haven't grasped Zoom yet, but delving for hours in their "help" section hasn't been successful for me either. Thus, could some charitable soul explain to me, and, I suppose, thousands of others not having the adequate IQ to run Zoom adequately, HOW I would probably install the which ones?

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Without Blue-Ray, but without fuss for the rest of it. Question, when this program gets installed, it automatically downloads and installs all the codecs needed. Trying to play the VOB files will only play some portions of the video. Is this a music media center as well as video? I'm looking for an iTunes replacement and have not found a suitable one yet.

Toesand, yes. Please check out https: Toesand, media monkey is great, free version does way more than iTunes. Works with apple devices, but if you have android, it syncs library wireless with your device both ways, including play counts ratings playlists etc. If you Google for media monkey licence, you will find a code that will unlock gold version. I use a combination of the 2. My PC is so much better now I got rid of that malware iTunes.

I'm sure it's designed to corrupt your computer and make you want a mac. Toesand, I was wondering the same thing. Whenever I see media player the first thing I look for is if it would be a substitute for Windows Media Player. I am content with the VLC to play movies, I only need the basic functions like play, stop, pause, etc, I would get lost trying to figure out how or why there are other features. I guess if I made my own movies it would be a different story.

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I do want a good music player for both Windows and Android to organize my music and play my music how I want without having to make so many playlists. An older version of Windows Media Player had an option of playing music by the number of stars you gave a song, I don't know why they removed that feature.

Velvet, see my comment above. Both excellent players. Velvet, Windows Media lets you do that. In the dialog box that opens select "Click here to add criteria" and choose My Rating in the list of criteria. You can add additional criteria, too. To rate a song right-click on a song and choose Rate and then choose 1 to 5 stars. Velvet, I want exactly the same as you especially the part about the playlists! Toesand, This may or may not be an improvement on VLC which I use when people send me audios or videos. From the comments it seems it is ideal for the specialist.

But Windows media player is pretty hopeless, it never seems to work for anything I receive. Try this, if it is good, good.

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Keep Windows Media Player on your computer because as a microsoft thing it may be connected to something else, but do not use it. Laxative, Sorry, My reply was meant mainly for Velvet. That was exactly what I was looking for. I had looked all over but never thought to look at "create auto playlists. James Mote, I'll check them out. I like what Media Money says about their hard drive organization. If it works the way I hope it might, it sounds like a keeper. I try to have my music organized in files according to Artist, an easier way of doing that is always welcome.

Does this reqire the DRM identifeir? Last proggy had to d-load separite DRM indentifire and comp got virus Storch, it isn't clear what DRM identifier you are talking about.. What version is it because I have version Marco, this is v Inmatrix, on the third photo you can see which version it is with more informations. Marco, same exact version. I opened both with 7-Zip and only a few files were updated like zplayer. Where is the registration Key at. I installed the This is the MAX 14 Build Edward, you upgraded to v The giveaway is for v Please reinstall, and do not upgrade to v I already have V Is there anything in this version that is different from Cathy, here's the changelog: Cathy, all new versions have new features and fixes.

Please check the v14 thread on highlights of v To see a list of Zoom Player's capabilities click on https: Stewart Wallace, no, it wasn't. From my notes for an earlier version of Pro which is no longer offered: Juqa Buqa, We have much better customization, a "Smart Play" feature which sets the best video renderer and splitter to get the best quality, video library, history, and much more.. This one is filled with more than UPS according to Spyhunter. Take care out there.. If so, yes, that's worth looking out for, thanks. BLA, we use codecs of renderers and file splitters, but there are no harmful components of any kind in Zoom Player.

Inmatrix, thanks for the reply and for the clarification! BLA, Spyhunter has a spotty track record at best: I'd like to see a speed change option. For things I do sometimes I'd like to speed some up to view it quicker, or to slow it down as much as half speed or slower to study motions and viewing in slo-motion.

Both are important to things I do and it is the main reason I use other things like VLC media player to be able to do those 2 things. Thanks for reading. Doyle Allen, Agreed!! I love this player. However, quick hot key adjustment of play speed would be great. Typical convention on such things: We also have keyboard short cuts and a way to change the keyboard functions if needed. Inmatrix, that is not user friendly. Your method is not user friendly. May be fine for your developer or engineers, but not the common folk such as I. I tried the KB shortcut.

I also tried to change the default rate 8x to 2x but saw no effect. I am using Windows Maybe that was suggested for Mac instead?! Could anyone can tell me which keyboard key for speed rate change? Doyle Allen, I'm on Win10, too. I've tested all of these shortcuts and they work fine with Win10 and today's offered giveaway.

Btw, in the settings you have the option to view and edit the defined keyboard shortcuts! Doyle Allen, far too many parts that make working with that program very difficult. Mario, and, you can make a screenshot with it, more than one. Does anyone know if Zoom Player can play. Perhaps the developer can say? Colin, What is an. I know. What produces them and what plays them apart from an android device being fooled into installing an app from an unknonwn source with the user believing they are somehow just watching a video? Some apps come pre-installed on Android devices, while other apps can be downloaded from Google Play.

Apps downloaded from Google Play are automatically installed on your device, while those downloaded from other sources must be installed manually.

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Hadrianus, not exactly true I would have thought that would have been obvious from my original reply to the OP. TK, answer from Faiz Agil Wirawan. APK Android Package Format is the package file format used by the Android operating system for distribution and installation of mobile apps and middleware. I use PotPlayer for many years. What does this player has that PotPlayer doesn't?

Zoom Player is a good player But the only drawback the skin is bad If it were simple it would be nicer. Johann, Blu-ray disks And a program to run Blu-ray. You have to step up to a pay version for that.

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This is a really good media player, otherwise. Christian, are You sure? There is nothing in the description above that there is any difference between GOTD and pay version. Maybe it play Bluray in a pc with Bluray drive? Is that true? Slumdog Millionaire x I received as m2ts, an excerpt from a blu-ray disc. Christian, what free players can handle commerical BRDs? Linda, I'd hoped the publisher rep would have responded to this topic. Yes, there appears to be no Blu-Ray difference with the pay version.

Both require decrypted Blu-Rays. Hadrianus, I tried four with no luck. The oldest was Master and Commander, All run just fine on my system with a dedicated Blu-Ray player. I tried some well, two m2ts files from Miss Peregrine's Home. Same error code as with the rest of my attempts. Ant, I use Leawo which is free.

Google it. It has no frills whatsoever. Occasionally, I have to use keyboard navigation.

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There are others out there which I tried when I was looking a couple years ago. Leawo works well for me, but your mileage will vary since it seems that folks are all looking for something different. Zoom is certainly prettier and offers much more customization. It's the day to day stuff that I need to try.

Christian, You have to remember that all Media Codecs must be present on your computer. I got this at another give away and it is an excellent player, better than free alternatives. It will play anything, video looks crispy and smooth. Myk Kelly, if you say your name backwards do you disappear for 90 days like the Superman villain?

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  8. All rights reserved. Patent Pending. Your language: No, thanks Yes, I'd like to. Don't miss all the cool giveaways. Allow notifications in your browser. User rating: System Requirements: Inmatrix Homepage: Inmatix Zoom Player is indeed a good choice of paid media playing software. Some of these free players can't play MKV video file, some is failed to play large MKV video file, some not support some subtitle formats, and all of these not support blue ray videos.

    So finally, I choose a paid media player. Why I prefer to Inmatix Zoom Player? Lifetime licenses. Support all the video formats and subtitle formats. Running program with little process and CPU resources, that is very suitable for laptop users, like me. Thanks for the discount price, saved me a lot!

    I choose Inmatix Zoom Player just for its DVD and blue ray playing feature, performs very well, its wide range of media formats support satisfied me. It's very well compatible with large video files, subtitle formats. With Zoom Player, I have never got any problems. Zoom Player Max. To make sure the best experience on our website, ColorMango will use your cookie.

    Learn about Privacy Policy Got it. A special store provides best desktop software at discount prices. Coupon Code: Click for more Info. Limited Expiry Date: Use Coupon Code. Coupon Updated Average user rating: