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In short, using this tool can become quite addictive. Self-directed investing aka DIY trading is offered essentially by every discount brokerage in Canada and has been a popular choice by the general public due to the cornucopias of easy-to-use tools and support made available to investors desiring complete control over every aspect of their financial interests.

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With this style of investing, customers have always been able to sculpt their own investment strategy, define their portfolio, buy and sell securities, and more. Another option exists, however. For those with very little time, while continuing to carry big investment ambitions, Questrade introduced Questwealth Portfolios , formerly branded as Portfolio IQ, the alternative to self-directed investing.

Really known as managed investing, Questwealth Portfolios takes away the stress of investment decision making, such as asset allocation and re-balancing, and puts this work into the hands of experienced portfolio managers of their Questrade Wealth Management division. However, the difficulty lies in trying to figure out how exactly to do that. This is where I feel Questwealth Portfolios comes to the rescue. Another accomplishment by Questrade. When speaking with one of their managers, he expressed that the advent of Questwealth Portfolios is to grow and become a definitive market disruptor.

To make managed investing accessible to everyone. He went on to say that because managed investing has typically been an exclusive club for the very rich, their goal was to hark back to their motto of unlocking all things restrictive to the masses by doing away with convention. So naturally I signed up for an account and had a look around.

This is all used to help crystallize the best portfolio that will matter to you. If your goals change, then you can adjust your biography to keep things in balance, which will then automatically update your underlying portfolio model accordingly. There are five portfolios and they all deal exclusively in ETFs. Composition is an assortment mix of sectors, markets, and countries. Further, each of these portfolios have three tiers.

Each tier has a different set of sector-specific and country-specific ETFs. Interestingly, each of the aforementioned five portfolios are also available in SRI versions Socially Responsible Investing. This means that you can alternatively get equivalently structured portfolios that invest only in companies that conform to stringent environmental, social, and governance ESG criteria. Fees associated with SRI managed portfolios are only marginally higher.

For example, 0. Once that threshold has been reached, your money is automatically shifted into your selected portfolio, and your very own assigned team of specialists will begin actively managing and adjusting your portfolio as opportunities arise in the markets. I found they vigilantly kept re-balancing assets to stay within my risk tolerance without any daily involvement on my part, which was nice. I did uncover a nominal annual management fee, however, which varies based on your existing total account asset value.

It has that perfect resonating mix all investors, big and small, crave when they daydream of an unshackled financial tomorrow. However, due to the natural laws of supply and demand, interest in these new issues almost always outstrip the quantity made available, and therefore only insiders, well-connected bigwigs, and the very wealthy are usually the only ones who are granted access. Nepotism and cronyism at its undemocratic finest. For generations the general public has had little access to IPOs.

There was a brief moment in time when Wit Capital, an internet startup of the 90s, briefly unlocked this secret world, but it was short-lived. Questrade became one of the new Canadian trailblazers to usher in a sledgehammer back into this world for the masses by introducing their IPO Centre.

Looking for a Toyota in Canada?

This centre is a very welcome sight and seems well positioned to grow into something incredibly special. For historic reasons, they also give access to a detailed back catalog of previous offerings. IPOs do show up from time-to-time as well. Due to Canadian security regulations though, U. Fun fact: TSX has a very large mining focus.

Registered accounts e. I am not sure if this is due to the unseen battle that they surely must have with underwriters to be granted access to new filings, or if their staff is just being lethargic in pursuing more pickings. Alternatively, you can call their trade desk to put in a request. All IPO and secondary offering purchases are commission free.

An expression of interest makes Questrade aware you are putting in a commitment to buy a number of shares. When placing an expression of interest on their website, the trade desk contacts you to confirm the order within an hour. In rare cases I found it took up to 24 hours. That revelation can potentially lead to unique first access opportunities. Canceling a request can be made within two business days this may vary depending on the province of receiving, or deemed receipt of, a prospectus and any related amendments found at the online centre.

Processing time for orders can vary but usually it takes around three weeks from when the underwriters first launch the IPO and when the offering closes. Times can be shorter when dealing with some secondary offerings and preferred treasury shares. Once allocations from the underwriter are received, Questrade informs customers via email or phone.

Allocations, however, may be distributed on a pro-rata basis if an IPO is oversubscribed the number of shares requested by all interested parties is greater than what Questrade received , and so, as mentioned earlier, your original request amount may not necessarily materialize to what you actually get. Questrade has partnered with several financial service providers to help enhance your investment experience through third-party apps.

Types of partner apps include trading platforms, stock pickers, performance recorders, statistics analyzers, portfolio monitors, etc. Once you grant permission to an app, it can access your account details personal information is still kept private , retrieve market data, and assist you with placing trades through your Questrade brokerage account.

The only apps authorized by Questrade are the ones listed in their library. If a third-party app is not listed there, then that specific app will not have access to your account. In other words, you cannot arbitrarily generate a generic authorization token for an unauthorized app. Interestingly, you can create and register your own app and become a partner with Questrade. I will discuss this in more detail under the Developer Platform section of this review.

One strange quirk I did find, when you add a partner app it became difficult, if not impossible, to return to the App Hub library at a later time to add another app. Either this is an oversight, or a bug. Hopefully they fix it soon because the only way I could figure out how to return to the App Hub library was to remove all my apps. By the time you read this review it will probably already be fixed. Beyond that little issue it was really fun and quite advantageous to have access to so many third-party apps. Developers interested in writing their own applications or using tools from other third-party vendors can rejoice because Questrade has their own application programming interface API.

I also love how they give access to a practice server for testing applications on. And once I had fixed all my bugs, I then was able to switch over to the live server. Very smart! The great thing about using REST and OAuth is that development time is significantly reduced, as was evident by the time it took for me to make my first app, because they are widely used, simple to understand, standards for a lot of online development.

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I did not test this feature because my application was just a simple proof-of-concept for this review, but I did speak with a technician who told me that there is no cost when partnering. They use an impressive bit SSL class 3 extended validation with bit digital certificates for both logging in and trading. Extra security during the login process can be provided by enabling two-factor authentication.

A 3rd Party, Wireless Pro Controller for Switch that's GOOD?!

For those unfamiliar, two-factor authentication is an additional security layer which requires not just a username and password, but you must also use another device that you currently have in your possession — typically a phone — to input a special code shown on that device during the login process. Questrade has an online security guarantee which insures investors against unauthorized transactions which result in a direct loss.

For this guarantee to process smoothly, however, I recommend you enable two-factor authentication prior to the unauthorized transaction. You will need to contact them directly by phone for more details in getting this extension set up correctly. Other noteworthy features: When joining, you must provide at least two security questions and answers — one of which gets asked when you attempt to log into your account from an unrecognized device. Once signed into your account your last login information is prominently displayed at the top-right corner with the date, time, device used, browser user agent, and the operating system of who last accessed your account.

And lastly, a special appreciation goes out to the ability to set up a personal identification number PIN from your customer profile page. This PIN is optional, but is used to make it quicker to identify you when phoning in. You still have to provide other information about yourself when speaking to a representative, but the verification process is much quicker. I found this very handy, especially because I had to call in several times to better review their customer service.

Most people will likely prefer to communicate with Questrade through online means. As such, you have a few options: Email, and Live Help real-time chat. Email response times were relatively quick. I sent four different emails regarding four distinctly different issues, and their reply times varied between one hour and eighteen hours.

Their response content was very good as well. Nothing was canned, which is common when dealing with other companies over email. But nonetheless, their chat button tends to be conveniently a fixed overlay on the bottom-right corner of most pages. When clicked it brings up a pop-up window. After speaking with several online representatives — those who deal with potential new accounts and others who deal with existing accounts — I found them to be very well-informed, professional, and quick in their responses. They also took the extra time to provide external web links those found outside the Questrade domain for further reading which was a nice bonus.

If the chat feature is unavailable e. When I tried this, I did receive a decent response when a representative returned. For customer support over the phone, they are available Monday to Friday, 7: For forex trading, they are open much longer, including Sundays. Coincidentally, being trilingual I was able to speak to representatives in all three languages. Hold times varied based on what I was calling about. During midday on a workweek I found the wait time for a new customer to be about one minute. When calling in as an existing customer, the wait time was much shorter. This may be coincidental, but I also found that using their live help was much quicker than calling into their offices.

Overall, speaking over the phone with their different departments was a very relaxing and helpful experience. They know their stuff! And not once did I feel they were rushing to get the conversation ended quickly. It felt like I actually mattered. My journey through the expansive financial world carved out by Questrade was a very enjoyable one. They also received honourable mentions as the best in ease of use and overall independent broker. When speaking to several of their representatives online and over the phone you could feel a strong sense of pride in their written words and spoken tone.

There is clearly a strong and positive ecosystem in their workplace environment.

Redflagdeals us equivalent

The staff seem exceptionally knowledgeable when assisting, providing a fulfilling experience. This is a far cry from my past dealings with other brokerages and banks. For most of my stock trading life I had been connected at the hip with my local bank. This was before I became more enlightened with better options that were out there. Many of us usually get our first investment accounts at big banks e.

Such conveniences, however, bring with it abuses by these banks onto their customers. And hence, here we are today and why I felt this in-depth Questrade review was a necessary obligation to write. Should you join? Yes — a resounding YES! Questrade fits my needs perfectly and helps unlock my potential as a growing investor. Leave a reply below, share this review, and rate them using the ratings gauge found at the very top of this page.

This review has been updated many times over the years and, during such time, many questions have been asked by my readers in the comments section. For your convenience, I have compiled the most asked questions, with their corresponding answers, below. ETF trade purchases are free.

Questrade has no annuals fees and are the lowest cost stock broker in Canada. Canada into the Offer Code input box during the sign-up process. Yes, you can! For those unfamiliar, dividend-paying foreign stocks will have a withholding tax levied on them by many foreign governments when held outside an RRSP account. Most of the popular foreign stocks held by Canadians are U. Several of you have been asking how to correctly fill out the W8BEN tax withholding rate lowering form. The only lines you need to fill in are: Line 1: Your full name , Line 2: Canada , Line 3: Your full address , Line 8: Your date of birth , Line 9: Canada , and at the bottom of the page: Now just use Upload Documents or mail this form directly to Questrade.

Margin Power is a free service by Questrade that allows you to link your existing TFSA account held at Questrade to your margin account. Doing so increases your buying power within your margin account by leveraging the assets you already own inside your TFSA, making it enormously convenient to enter new positions without requiring a transfer of new cash or selling existing securities.

If you have been a Questrade member before , then you may have already discovered that their Trade Confirmations database, which claims to carry your trading details dating back to January 1st, , in fact only rolls back to February 4th, Most people will sign up for the standard margin account, which gives you access to borrow funds at an amount more than your current cash balance.

This extended buying power ability is very useful and can come in handy when you need to jump on market opportunities. ECN fees are fees enforced onto Questrade by an external network that charges you for making a transaction which removes liquidity from the market i. For U. It takes up-to 24 hours to process your request. If you ever sell off your security entirely, your DRIP will be canceled. Yes, you can short stocks in margin accounts. Yes, their trading platforms are available for Mac and Linux users.

To do this, you will use tickers: TO and DLR. The entire process can take up to business days to complete. However, some banks still impose an eight character limit. You can get around this problem by using just the first eight digits of your ten digit Questrade account. Initially, shareholder communications i. For those who wish to save the environment by saving a few trees you can alternatively opt to receive these correspondence documents through electronic mail instead. A convenient free service called InvestorDelivery exists where you can set up to receive all of your investor correspondence electronically.

InvestorDelivery requires a special ID that is stamped in the header region of each of your paper documents. Questrade will rebate mutual fund trailer fees. They call this their Mutual Fund Maximizer. Trailer fees are commissions by fund management companies paid to brokerage houses for being the retailer that sold you your fund s. This commission is an ongoing source of revenue for brokerages as long as you keep holding onto those fund s. So, Questrade is willing to rebate this fee back to you every quarter.

The reasoning is simple: The most important change of note is that Questrade will effectively no longer be allowed to place an order entry by non-licensed individuals made through API requests. Fortunately, this does not affect order entries made by third-party applications from licensed businesses found in their App Hub. For those unfamiliar, Deloitte is one of the big four accounting firms in the world. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing Questrade was unable to tell me definitively what the amount would be.

On April 23 Questrade may begin to charge you for holding selected securities short in your account. If you are currently short-selling, they advise logging into your trading platform, head over to Positions , and hover over the R icon to see the fee. IQ Edge and Questrade Trading have been updated to improve the automated short-selling process.

You no longer need to manually confirm borrow rates. And confirmations can now be done within the trading platform. Once you accept, your order is sent to the exchange and your short position will be charged for each full day you hold it. There is no fee for Intraday shorting if you close your short positions before 5: Questrade did a major redesign overhaul of their homepage. The new design has a more efficient streamlined look, which better exposes important resources upfront.

For example, communication resources like chat is now found on every page, as an overlay, at the bottom-right corner. This new design is also more responsive than the previous and thus, works more fluidly across different devices like phones and tablets. Canada Post has begun a series of rotating strikes in different cities across Canada.

Since Questrade is primarily an online brokerage, they are not affected by it. That being said, however, there are some scenarios that might affect you during this strike, such as sending documents by mail: Questrade has an online webinar coming up on October 26 2: Questrade has rebranded and relaunched its popular managed investing division, formerly known as Portfolio IQ. It is now known as Questwealth Portfolios. They have cut fees sharply, which now makes them the lowest cost robo-advisor service in Canada 0.

This is a nationally recognized annual award for the best-in-class Canadian organizations across six categories. There is no account limit nor any minimum transfer amount. Nice touch with the Upload Docs option. This would be a problem if timing was an issue like opening an account and wanting to buy an IPO before it closed. Was checking the Investor Delivery site and noticed it asked for some Enrollment Number?

Where does one get that? Does this imply that you get normal correspondence in the mail and after you get it then on the material is the number that you put into this site to change it to email? I had been a questrade member for a long time before i ended up closing it down because i just wasnt trading that much. This was a long time ago. It really looks like they really have updated things a lot!